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    The Following Are Testimonials From TDF Clients

    8 Years - Stronger and Healthier...

    "I started working out with Jack when I was 61 and I am now 69 years old. During this time, I have increased my strength and maintained and increased my musculature.

    What I appreciate most about Jack is that he will help you achieve your goals for strength and fitness, but is always careful to avoid injury. With Jack, I have increased my muscle strength which has enabled me to avoid back and neck pain common to people my age."

    mb, Laguna Beach,

    Wish We Started Sooner...

    "My wife and I have been working out with Dr. Jack Lynn for Five months. We have enjoyed every workout and look forward to the next. One hour three times a week has changed our lives. I have lost 28 pounds (Dr. Jack has laid out a nutritional program for us to follow along with his personal training schedule). I am closing in on 65 years of age and have not felt this good in four decades. My only regret is that I didn't do this when I was in my mid twenties. I feel like a young man again and friends and even acquaintances comment almost every day how I have changed. My wife started with a lean and fairly tight body but, she is now toned and ripped at 57 years of age. We have actually found the fountain of youth with Dr. Jack Lynn. I will never be able to thank you enough Dr. Jack."

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

    J and N, Laguna Beach,

    Attitude and Health Has Improved...

    "Working with Jack has really improved my attitude as well as my physical health and strength. He is always upbeat and encouraging and the music he plays helps keep our workout group moving . I love his saying…."you only need to work out on the days that you eat." :-)

    BP, Laguna Beach,

    Feel Fabulous...and Younger...

    "When I first started working out with Jack, the pain in my knees and back woke me every night. I had been going to a gym and had a trainer once a week. What a difference the extra time with a great trainer makes! Now I feel fabulous-- emotionally as well as physically. I love the camaraderie and the friends I have made over the years… and, we're all younger than we would be without Time Defiance Fitness."

    ~S, Laguna Beach, 75, I plan to be in better shape than I was at 50!

    "I've been a client at Time defiance Fitness for over 5 years and, at 71, feel much better and am in far better physical shape than I was at 60! Dr. Jack's medical/training knowledge along with a steady, careful approach to working out have maximized my improvement and virtually eliminated my injuries. In fact, my back problems, balance issues, and flexibility constraints are gone. With Dr. Jack's help, at 75, I plan to be in better shape than I was at 50!"

    ~ R. D., Laguna Beach,

    As time marched on, I wound up in my 80's feeling really old...

    "So, I went to one of the big-time Fitness Gyms very close to my home and signed up with a Personal Trainer. After the first couple of months, that didn't work for me so I got a new trainer. Guess what, the new one didn't do anything for me either."

    I worked with them many months, but I didn't get that much better, so I fired them.

    My #1 daughter has been working with Dr. Jack for a long time so she suggested that I at least try him out.

    The very first time I met Jack, he understood what I needed! Every time I've been to a session with him, I feel better. I actually have more strength and stability after only a couple of months and I'm a believer in the TIME DEFIANCE system. I'm doing two sessions per week.

    Bear in mind that I live in Vista which is a two hour, round trip via I-5. But it's worth it!

    ~ Dale S., Laguna Beach,

    ...stronger and healthier than before my injuries.

    "At 33, I needed to rebuild my fitness after a long string of injuries. I went to Time Defiance Fitness to help restore my strength and fitness. Jack helped achieve that and much more. I am now stronger and healthier than I was before any of my injuries. Jack's tailored approach to each client helped me restore and recover, and my fitness is now helping prevent further injury, and adding to a healthy happy life style."

    ~ Kris, Laguna Beach,