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  • What Is Necessary for Optimal Health?

    As we age we see all kinds of changes within ourselves; some we like, some we don’t. That formerly trim waist has become, how shall we politely put it, expansive. Annual physicals are becoming, well, annual. And with each passing year your doctor’s polite request that you consider some exercise becomes just a little less polite.

    Time Defiance Fitness exists because we all recognize at least a bit of ourselves in the above. Our staff are all certified personal trainers and we absolutely live and breathe the notion that the best form of preventative medicine is to develop a state of maximum health.

  • A Three-Fold Approach to Well-Being

    Physical, nutritional and emotional balance are the three essential elements necessary for longevity. Lack of this balance in your life diminishes your optimal health.

    Physical exercise along with emotional support and sound nutritional guidance will enhance your own efforts to achieve and maintain well-being.

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