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  • Dr. Jack at 63

    I feel extremely fortunate to have made it to my 63rd birthday in a relatively healthy condition. In some ways, I may have had an advantage over the average person. I was involved in a serious automobile/motorcycle accident in 1973 which resulted in me spending six months in a body cast. As a result of that experience, I made a decision to make every attempt to maintain my physical condition in a fairly meticulous manner. I have had a few ups and downs over the years, but all in all the hard work of physical and cardio conditioning has been well worth the investment of time, effort, and money.

    The pictures on this page were taken one week after my 63rd birthday by my son, Adam, who is not a professional photographer, but did a wonderful job of making the best out of what he had to work with (me). In other pages of this website are pictures of similar poses from years past. The comparisons aren’t too bad even though, in some instances, many years have passed.

    I certainly realize that not everyone cares to be really lean with a pretty decent muscularity, but I thought it was worth showing what is possible with some diligence, determination, and nutrition control. Many of those who train with me have developed more strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness than at any other time of their lives. Having done all that and without injury is a testimony to their willingness to follow the individual programs that were medically designed exclusively for each of them.

    We have no choice in aging chronologically, but we can exert quite a bit of influence on how we physically and mentally age. Using my A2R3OM system of training, strength and flexibility are maximized and injury is minimized. Hopefully you will find these pictures inspiring rather than intimidating!!!

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